Other Services We Offer

  • Wire funds from your account to another financial institution
  • Call receiving financial institution and obtain their wiring instructions
  • Low fee of $30 within U.S.
  • Low fee of $50 for an international wire

Wire Transfers (into your account)

  • May be subject to fee
  • See below for wiring instructions for Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union.  All information must be given for proper credit   

Wiring Address:
Corporate One Federal Credit Union
8700 Orion Place
Columbus, OH 43240

ABA Routing Number:

Further Credit to:
Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union

Account Number:

Final Credit to:
Member’s name (they must be on the account). Member’s account number – 6-digit number for savings and 9-digit number for checking



  • Available at all 5 branches
  • Free of charge



You may choose to have a portion or all of your net pay automatically deposited with us to make conducting business convenient and time-saving.


P.A.L - 330-364-8875

  • 24/7 access to your accounts by phone
  • Check balances in an account
  • Verify what checks have cleared
  • Verify debit and credit transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Make Visa® payments
  • Withdraw funds by check
  • Request a statement


  •  241280650 – Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union
  • This number uniquely identifies each financial institution
  • Used for electronic funds transfers such as direct deposits, debits or credits to your account, and wire transfers
  • Usually the first 9-digit number on the bottom of your checks


Routing Number

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